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National Property Investors Australia

Transform your life & invest with the best

Welcome to National Property Investors website, we hope you enjoy learning about our company, team & platform.

Our Research​

We extensively research areas and understand current market trends, our aim is to reduce risk and maximising investment returns in any market. Providing a privileged in-site into the property industry, we guide and educate our property investors on how we can create an income producing asset that turn into equity in a very short time.

National Analysis


Property markets are not uniformed across Australia, different regions and cities can experience varying levels of demand, supply & growth.

State vs City Analysis

Property market conditions can vary significantly between regions and cities, hence, understanding local trends & ROIs are crucial.

Builder Analysis

Analysing the building industry in Australia involves considering various aspects such as trends, regulations, challenges, knowledge, experience, trades, build timeframes, costs and communication to give the best client satisfaction.

Property Analysis

Investing in property has so many benefits and advantages, however, it's important to remember that all investments carry some level of risk, and property investment is no exception. Make sure you speak to a professional who can ensure a seamless experience. 

Property in Australia

Our well-versed team of Investor Advocates will work alongside you to design an Investment Strategy that will align with your lifestyle, financial & long-term goals.


Our approach is to educate our clients and offer our knowledge & experience to ensure you are purchasing the best investment product available in Australia.


If you're looking for real estate in Australia, NPI have a deep understanding of the brand-new construction market as a whole that will put you in the best position to achieve your property investment goals.


Within our project marketing arm NPI have access to over 500+ Homes, Townhouses, Apartments & House & Land properties across Australia.

Property options available to our clients but not limited to:

Bespoke Investment Strategies


First Home Buyers

Portfolio Building Strategies

Build to sell/flip

Air BnB Builds from 2 – 8 Dwellings – with or without pools, bbq & shared communal spaces.

Multi-generational Homes

Dual Occupancies

Duplex Builds

NDIS Properties

Invest on a Property in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Queensland

Welcome to your full turn key solution to high quality house & land packages

NPI | National Property Investors | Australia
NPI | National Property Investors | Australia

NPI have access to a large range of floor plans, facades & specifications that can be built in any region across Australia.


NPI understands that it can be overwhelming investing in a new property. Finding the right estate, comparing builders, understanding budgets, choosing floor plans, knowing about specifications & upgrades, choosing colour schemes & landscaping while keeping in mind the most important attribute; Your short & long term ROI goals (return on investment).

These homes are designed to meet the standards of an Owner Occupier or a Bespoke Investor with a taste for quality. All NPI packages have been put together to ensure your property purchase is as simple & stress free as possible. 

In today's busy society, it is important to stay relevant and connected to your clients, by combining both finance & property knowledge, NPI are able to work in-sync to achieve the full circle investment service which your client will benefit from.

NPI extensively research areas and understand current market trends, our aim is to reduce risk and maximising investment returns.


We guide and educate property investors on what they need to look for in a property to achieve long term goals.


NPI work alongside some of the nation’s best Builders & Developers and are able to tailor bespoke investment strategies that fit your clients needs & investment strategy.


We work with Real Estate Agents, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners and Accountants.

National Property Investors Australia
National Property Investors

Discover a treasure trove of visually stunning house videos meticulously crafted to provide everyone with an immersive and insightful experience. Whether you are a prospective buyer, seller, or someone simply looking to be inspired by the world of real estate, we've sourced some of the best videos to cater your preferences.

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